Procurement & Government Contracts

Harris Jones & Malone is proud to work with clients from across the country to secure contracts with various state and local agencies. Harris Jones & Malone has assisted clients in pursuing, obtaining and retaining public contracts in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, construction, health and human services, education, public safety, information technology and data analytics.

Through its team of attorneys, Harris Jones & Malone can assist with everything from legislative and budgetary research to determine procurement opportunities, pre-bid branding and education, technical review of proposals, and bid protests. Lisa Harris Jones, Sean R. Malone, and Robert Fulton Dashiell have extensive experience representing clients before the Baltimore City Board of Estimates, the State’s Board of Contract Appeals, and Maryland’s Board of Public Works.

Robert Fulton Dashiell is one of Maryland’s leading state procurement attorneys and provides legal services to government contractors relating to bid protests, litigation and settlement of claims. He is a nationally recognized expert in minority business utilization laws and programs, having authored or co-authored regulations in this area of law for the State of Maryland, the City of Baltimore, the City of Chicago, and several other jurisdictions. Additionally, Dashiell serves on the Procurement Improvement Council which advises the Board of Public Works on problems with the procurement process, and recommends improvements to that process.  Dashiell is a former chair of Governor Glendening’s Council on Privatization and of the Baltimore City Contractor Qualification Committee.

In addition, Lisa Harris Jones is a former Member of the City of Baltimore’s MBE/WBE Certification Appeals Board and has represented clients for over 20 years on procurement matters related to State and local MBE/WBE laws.

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