Labor Law

Harris Jones & Malone brings more than 20 years of public sector labor experience to the negotiation table for its clients. Sean Malone is a skilled labor negotiator having successfully negotiated collective bargaining agreements in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, the State of Maryland, Dover Delaware and Newark Delaware.


Primarily a management negotiator, Malone has successfully represented FOP units in Delaware and the State Law Enforcement Officers Alliance in Maryland. Having negotiated over 150 agreements, Malone has reached agreements without impasse or arbitration in 98% of his negotiations. Mr. Malone has represented both Republican and Democrat administrations at the table.

In addition, often sought for practical solutions to complex management-labor problems, Sean Malone has assisted, advised and trained both management and labor teams.   His understanding of public sector operations, specifically in the area of public safety, has made him a valuable resource to clients.


For over three years, Mr. Malone served as Labor Commissioner for Baltimore City, during which time he negotiated and administered 16 multi-year labor contracts and acted as a hearing officer for grievance proceedings. Among his notable achievements as Commissioner, Mr. Malone negotiated a “return to work” policy for all city agencies, putting many municipal employees back to work and helping others to obtain hard-earned retirement packages. Mr. Malone also acted as a chief negotiator of an agreement between the Baltimore Building Trades and Baltimore Convention Center Hotel developer Hensel-Phelps. The agreement secured labor peace, increased union participation and protected Baltimore‘s MBE/WBE goals in this monumental development project. Before serving as Labor Commissioner, Mr. Malone was the Chief Legal Counsel for the Baltimore City Police Department.  In this capacity, Mr. Malone acted as labor negotiator and union liaison for a department of 3,700 employees and developed strong relationships with police labor representatives. Since 2009, Mr. Malone has served as the chief labor negotiator for Howard County, where he has successfully delivered over 30 contracts for seven of the County’s bargaining units.


Sean Malone has been applauded by labor and employer representatives alike for his “tough, but fair” negotiating and is a proven advocate during arbitration proceedings.


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