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Harris Jones & Malone, LLC provides lobbying and government relations services throughout the State of Maryland, complemented by an experienced litigation, criminal defense, liquor licensing, procurement, government contracting, and labor law practice. Utilizing strong advocacy and negotiation skills, combined with a well-established network of political and governmental contacts, HJM has a strong track record of delivering excellent results for its clients.

Recognized as one of Maryland’s premier lobbying and government relations firms, HJM proudly serves:  municipalities and related quasi-public agencies; non-profits; and small and large business enterprises, both publicly and privately held. Currently, HJM represents clients on issues concerning, but not limited to, construction, energy, retail sales, education, transportation, public safety, healthcare, gaming, real estate, telecommunications, procurement, liquor licensing, corporate law, state funding for public and private development projects, taxation, labor, insurance, public interest, election and environmental law.

With a combined experience of over 85 years, Lisa Harris Jones, Founder and Member, Sean R. Malone, Member, and their team of hardworking associates, have built excellent relationships with the Governor’s Office, the Maryland General Assembly, the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office and City Council, the Baltimore City Board of Estimates, the Baltimore City Liquor Board, the Baltimore County Executive’s Office and County Council, the Howard County Executive’s Office and County Council, the Anne Arundel County Executive’s Office and County Council, the Prince George’s County Executive’s Office and County Council, and the Montgomery County Executive Office and County Council, as well as related boards and agencies.

Through hard work and tireless advocacy, Lisa Harris Jones is widely regarded as a lobbyist with the ability to effect real change in the legislative process. As a result of her successful track record, since 2009 her clients have enabled her to become the first African American to be ranked in the top five earning lobbyists in Maryland.

Sean Malone has likewise developed a vast network of political associations from his 20 years in state and local government, in a variety of political and governmental capacities. Mr. Malone has represented the executive offices in Baltimore City, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Harford County to assist each with their respective labor negotiations.  As such, Mr. Malone has established himself as a trusted advisor to many elected officials and as a respected advocate at the negotiation table and in the courtroom.

Notably, Sean R. Malone and Thomas R. Tompsett, Jr., Associate, made national news in the Fall of 2017 after successfully representing Baltimore City Police who was absolved of all administrative charges against him stemming from the 2015 arrest of Freddie Gray.  HJM was also victorious in the same officer’s verdict of innocence in the 2016 murder trial related to the arrest and death of Mr. Gray.

HJM proudly represents several clients on a pro bono basis. Our services have helped to advance the causes of important organizations like the House of Ruth, The Journey Home, and The Odyssey School, as well as individuals in our community in need of assistance.

HJM is MBE/DBE certified with the Maryland Department of Transportation; MBE/WBE certified with the City of Baltimore; and MBE certified with Howard County, Maryland. HJM was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Minority Business Enterprises for 2013 by the City of Baltimore, 2006 and 2008 by the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs and The Daily Record.  HJM received the Greater Baltimore Committee’s Bridging the Gap achievement award in 2010.

HJM is proud to be allied with Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP.   Saul’s size and resources allow HJM’s clients to access skilled attorneys with broad legal backgrounds. To learn more about our strategic alliance please click here.



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