Results Rundown: The Winners of the Midterm Elections

Maryland’s midterm election results left some surprised and others satisfied earlier this week. Here is a quick rundown of the night’s victors:

Maryland Midterms Larry Hogan was the upset winner in the state’s hard-fought gubernatorial race, defeating Democratic Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown. Hogan won by significant and historic margins in the Baltimore suburbs, Southern & Western Maryland, and the Eastern Shore, which Brown could not make up for with his Montgomery and Prince George’s County wins. Though Hogan will bring a decidedly conservative perspective to the governorship, his will not be the only voice discussing Maryland’s future. President Miller and Speaker Busch still hold considerable influence in Annapolis and maintain strong majorities in both chambers. Blessed by chiefs of staff who are hardworking and very skilled in managing the legislative process, the presiding officers are very formidable. Experienced, smart, and having earned the loyalty of their chambers, the presiding officers will continue to play a very significant role in shaping the direction of the state.

Peter Franchot was easily re-elected into his incumbent seat as Comptroller. The Democratic candidate won 62-38 for his third term.

Brian Frosh, Democratic State Senator, easily won the open seat left by Doug Gansler as Attorney General by a 55-41 margin.

The State Senate saw two Republican pickups, with the Democrats maintaining a 33-14 majority.

The House of Delegates saw seven seats taken by Republicans. Democrats maintain a 91-50 majority. Conservative Democrats took a hit in different areas of the State the loss of respected legislators John Bohanan, John Donoghue, Kevin Kelley Chairman of appropriations Norman Conway and the loss of their voice in the Democratic House Caucus will be interesting to observe.

As always, for political junkies, Maryland is a fascinating place to watch. Check back for more information as the long-term effects of this midterm election become clearer.

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