Harris Jones & Malone has an established and trial-tested litigation practice. As the former Chief Legal Counsel for the Baltimore Police Department and previously as an Assistant State’s Attorney, Sean R. Malone has represented clients in hundreds of cases, from preliminary negotiations to the appellate level. Similarly, Thomas R. Tompsett Jr. is a former Assistant State’s Attorney and now defense attorney who has successfully litigated cases on both sides of the courtroom, before judges and juries. The combined experience of Mr. Malone and Mr. Tompsett provides them with invaluable insight on where the opposition’s case may be the weakest, which in turn will only strengthen your case.

Harris Jones & Malone’s litigation practice spans the trial, administrative, and quasi-judicial arenas. Our team is committed to providing zealous advocacy for each of its clients.

"Experienced Attorneys. Aggressive Representation."

Sean R. Malone, Member & Attorney at Law, walking to the court house with his client.

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